Creative packing – four steps to holiday style


Summer beckons! Spring Bank Holidays already a distant memory so our attention turns to sunnier climes and what to wear for glorious days and sultry summer nights.

Predictably, the glossy magazines portray effortless poolside chic, beach tousled hair, miniscule shorts and strapless tops! Yet, how can we mere mortals compete with that, let alone make a considered choice that enables us to prepare for our summer getaway, with as few clothes as possible?

Read on for some tips on what and how!

Pack clothes that mirror your normal style.  If you only wear jeans back home, then choose lightweight jeans-style trousers for holiday and take the opportunity to experiment with a different fabric, colour and leg length. If you’re fixated with blue, then vary the shades of blue with pattern or print and leave the purple at home – you just won’t wear it!

Keep your suitcase underweight. The allure of holiday styling sees women packing at least two-thirds more clothes than they actually need or wear! It’s little wonder that the airlines profit so handsomely from bulging suitcases and their excess baggage charges!

Make packing for your holiday an effortless experience. Sticking to a strict rule of taking only ten pieces is fruitless – it varies for each person.  But an outfit for each day and night is excessive – just alternate a few key pieces and stick to what suits you.

Your holiday time ladies, is a time to get creative!


1.Consider your holiday daily routine and the activities associated with it

This is something you will probably know in advance and can pack accordingly.

The only reason our suitcases get so full is that time pressure and lack of planning forces us to chuck it all in for good measure!

Assess whether the venue, location and planned excursions will be reliant on modest dressing, smart daytime outfits or bikini, shorts and t-shirts. Thinking ahead will reduce the need for multiple outfits and ‘just in case’ clothes.

Are you staying somewhere where you need to cover up and wear ‘proper’ clothes for breakfast or can you sit around in a sarong for hours?

If you are a night-owl, generally tumble out of bed at midday and then head straight for the pool, maybe swimwear and party clothes will be your priority. Alternatively, you may do some daytime sightseeing and shopping and then have barbecues at your holiday villa in the evening wearing a kaftan.



  1. Choose what you love and what you know you will wear

Seems simple, yet I’ve been guilty myself of packing a piece or two that never gets worn because I love them less than others. If that orange t-shirt accentuates your tan, then why pack a second t-shirt in pink if it’s just not your colour? You will never wear it! Always choose your favourites and the pieces that look stunning!

Yes, your friend looks amazing in an above the knee tunic, yet you’ve not got the knees for it – so leave it out.  Maybe you will look great in a midi dress or a short silk tunic over cropped linen trousers.

I’ve yet to meet a woman, whether curvy, svelte or athletically toned who does not have a ‘fat’ day – bear this in mind for hols. When that ‘fat’ day arrives – and it will – consider what you will wear that makes you feel fabulous. From the comfort of a more temperate UK climate, we forget that intense temperatures and heat makes us swell; changes in food, alcohol and long flights can cause bloating and puffy ankles. This is a time for practicality and logic, with a sprinkling of style magic thrown in.

Would you feel cooler, more stylish and less flustered in something that wafts and allows air to circulate, or are you hell-bent on tight shorts and a skimpy top?

Maxi dresses are a wardrobe staple and are ideal for hiding swollen ankles, insect bites and yet to be tanned legs. They are perfect for beach-to-bar and look sexy with a pair of metallic flats and a lightweight cropped cotton jacket, cardi or wrap. Take a look at these at just £70 from the Captain Tortue Summer Collection.