About Jane Dare

About 5 years ago I gave up the corporate life to make a complete lifestyle change, and indulge myself in my personal passion for fashion. With the help of French Fashion House Captain Tortue I have established a different shopping experience for ladies who don’t like the high street or busy changing rooms or simply don’t have the time to get into town. In my Garden Boutique you can try all the different styles and colours of the season with no pressure to buy and coffee is always on tap!

Fashion is for everyone irrespective of age, size or shape – we all want to look and feel fabulous. This doesn’t mean you need to shop til you drop every time trends change. Clothes reflect you, your personality and how you feel. If you don’t feel comfortable or good about yourself it will probably show on your face. If you don’t like a particular feature – narrow shoulders or wide hips for instance the style you choose will help achieve a balanced look, without any compromise on comfort!

Now firmly established in my fashion business I love to help women find their most comfortable style to walk tall and with confidence. Knowing your clothes are just right means you are not diverted during the day by adjusting ill fitting garments!

So come and have some fun, push the boundaries on your normal colour and style choices, let’s try something new and see how you feel. Contact me to arrange a home viewing of the collection or a personal visit to my Garden Boutique.